Amy Perez 150 150 Kristen Johnson

Amy Perez

I am grateful to have been introduced to Felipe and the IronClad team. They came in and quickly evaluated our situation, identified our challenges and provided a very smooth transition. The team was empathetic and went above and beyond the scope of work, offering multiple solutions and enabling us to create a real path forward.

Deborah Nease 150 150 Matt Brutsche

Deborah Nease

IronClad is everything we could ask for in a financial consulting group and more. They helped us prepare for an acquisition – everything from defining our company value, creating the financial pro forma, making counsel referrals, and even introducing us to key CPG investors. I highly recommend IronClad to anyone wanting a highly capable partner to help usher an acquisition process through to a successful close.

Wes Hurt 150 150 Matt Brutsche

Wes Hurt

Launching a CPG brand is not for the faint of heart but having a resource like IronClad who helped us build and maintain a solid financial foundation has been critical to our success thus far. In short, hiring IronClad to help us was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Leah Lopez 150 150 Matt Brutsche

Leah Lopez

Felipe Vega and the IronClad team have been instrumental in providing structure, strategy and resources for my company. With their services, Better Bites Bakery has been able create a new business model and raise capital. I trust IronClad and would highly recommend them.